viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Como : Cambiar el idioma de carpetas de outlook

As most of you know, you can change the Outlook Web Access language just by changing (adding) the preferred language of Internet Explorer.

BUT, when you do so, you'll notice that the folders in your mailbox still appear in the wrong language.

How can you change this?

This is the solution:First of all, just for changing the general language:Open internet explorer --> Tools --> internet options --> languages. Add a language and put it on top of the list.

To change the folder's language:Open internet explorer --> Tools --> internet options --> Delete cookies --> then delete files with the option "Delete all offline content" on --> clear history and close the internet browser.

Then you have to start Outlook (in the desired language and on the pc where the user's profile resides) as described below:click start --> click run --> and type the following command:

Outlook.exe /resetfoldernames

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